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Machine Roomless Freight Elevator

Construction Parameters
1. Hoist way elevation 2. Top floor plan 3. CWT left side action

Main Parameters:

(kg) Rated capacity (m/s) Rated speed (mm) Net size of car D.W (mm) Net size of door (mm) Hoist way size Traction ratio
C.W×C.D 2P telescopic opening 4P Center opening H.W×H.D HR.H P.H
1000 0.5 1350×1750 1100×2100 ----- 2300×2300 4500 1700 2:1
2000 0.5 1600×2700 ----- 1500×2100 2800×2250 4500 1700 4:1

Custom Freight Elevator
SHANGHAI Lantytk® CORP. is a professional machine roomless freight lift manufacturer that integrates the research, development, sales, installation, repair and maintenance into one. The company passes ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. Other then machine roomless freight elevator, we also supply villa elevator, passenger elevator, observation elevator, bed elevator, automobile elevator, hydraulic elevator, escalator, moving walk. If you need, please contact us.

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